Saturday, December 05, 2015

On Travel

I have another year to go before my passport expires but I have run of pages. Something I am secretly happy about, I have been incredibly lucky and fortunate to have been able to travel so much, yet there is this nagging feeling, that one negative line of thought that keeps asking me these questions - has it been worth it? Have I learnt anything at all?
I read a tweet that said, people don't seem to be gaining much from traveling over the world except in their girth. I have since begun to wonder if this is true about my travel experiences too.

Yesterday I was at a conference, one of the talks was about traveling solo. I came to realize not only have I not done much travelling alone many of my travel experiences have been so sheltered, with usually everything being taken care of. One of the closing points in the talks was how we have to tell our stories. I've realized the reason I feel that I haven't gained much is I don't share my experiences enough, sure I might not have traveled alone (I have on work) but I have had a very good time on all those trips. While I have blogged about some of my trips, I haven't written about many. Maybe I should now. Another reason I want to write down everything now is I have begun to forget things - names of places and small details. Blogging will probably make me go back to the pictures, look up Wikipedia again and hopefully I'll get to relive . And about time I revive this blog (even if blogging is dead pfft, Google please don't kill blogger like you did Google Reader) So, lets see how that goes!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Soul friends

A friend pointed that I hadn't written here in a long time - who reads blogs anymore?

Do you ever feel like you've reached the age when no matter how many new people meet you you'll never make any more close friends, all those you were meant to meet you have already met or worse you've missed your chance. I think I've reached the age. I cant imagine my life without my soul friends (soul sisters if you prefer) but it also saddens me a little bit that there might not be more. I hope I'm proved wrong, I hope I find more people to bare my heart with and the energy to do so.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


If you know me personally or follow me on twitter/facebook, I've been talking about Lucia all the time. Lucia happens to be a beautiful Kannada movie funded entirely by the audience. I've seen the movie twice already and I think it is just brilliant. I'd like to write a more detailed review but I've been reading so many of them that I don't think I can offer anything new. I'll just say this - you won't be disappointed after watching it. I've been convincing many of my friends (including people who don't know Kannada) to watch it and it is heartening to hear their reactions later.

More about how the movie was made here

Saturday, April 27, 2013

On being a winner

Do you remember this? The ghosts of the past have been put to rest. I came second in a mini hackathon at work, which involved coming up with a mobile app on a certain theme in less than a week. While we lost out on the first place, people were blown away by the idea and the demo. I've been awarded several awards on performance and like in the past and I have always felt guilty that I perhaps did not deserve those. Turns, out I am not good at winning either. But this win feels so good. Pure unadulterated joy, something that comes from doing things you love. And this is just the beginning, now to turn this app into an actual product....

PS: The only place I can shamelessly brag about this is on this blog!
PPS : This time too I teamed up with a friend and one person who doesn't know us professionally said, 'oh two women developers winning, not bad'.  Argh.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


If you were to read my last two posts or my blog in general you might think I am this manic depressive, whiny person. Truth is I am quite the opposite, am almost always cheerful, I smile too much (way too much in fact), laugh heartily and am a 'nice' person overall.

Just saying. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


What a crazy start it has been to the new year, crazy in a good way!

2012, professionally the year was just great! I feel happy and proud and exhilarated looking back at all that was achieved.

Personally, unfortunately all my goals have fallen flat, I've been restless and worst of all very very bitter. I resolved to fix it this year but half way through January, I seem to be getting only worse. But there's always hope, gotto try harder. Happy new year, sankranti and all that! Have a good one folks!

Sunday, December 02, 2012


The world likes dreamers. And it likes people who live their dreams. Long vacations. Beach holidays. Adventures. Backpacking trips. Quitting jobs. Chasing passions. It is a good thing dreaming. 

And then there are the the others. Boring, dull, ordinary. Worrying. Bills. Home loans. Babies, Medical bills. Saving. Hoping.

We may not like non dreamers but the world certainly needs them.