Thursday, December 27, 2007

SMS story...the year that was.

With over 1000 text messages, my cellphone inbox is overflowing. I need to make space and deleting them is painful. Recording some of them here, those that aren't very personal yet mark important happenings of the year that 2007 was. Some are edited from sms lingo to readable language.

B : Happy New years..This is B from the same school you studied...D gave me your number.
SR : Yes Im having a candle lit dinner with my estranged boyfriend! now u shoo away and leave us alone. :P
MP : I am going now to get my wedding photos from my dads friend's place. Come by 1:30. Sorry for the inconvenience caused :P
SR : You lucky dog!! I get romance with a slap. :D
NK : Hi whats up? I came home, really shocked to know about M, will she marry again?
MP : I wont be coming to aerobics today, need to be in ofc by 9.
SSR : Be prepared for todays session.. L is attending, maybe M has asked her to evaluate us.
NK : Do you know some galata is happening in shivajinagar?
SW : They did of course notice you and were very inquisitive about you. My mom was so glad, she said you were very good antha..
SW : How is punjab? Did your teammates bug you?
SW : Is there a lot of greenery? Like they show in movies?
SS : How is the trip going? I envy you...a week with friends away from home and work. U owe me a treat when you come back. Enjoy!

DP : happy valentines day da.
NK : Is your valentine party over or what?
SR : WHAT!!!! the nerve of that girl! What do we do? I am soo angry!!
PM : Busy shopping? I will be there at the concert at 7:30.
PR :Ay Russel Peters tomorrow anthe. Gube.

M: All the best. Have a nice trip. Pls call me if there are any issues.
PR : Check if driver is hindu and marry him.
PR : You should have seen these ppl. Don't come back. Marry that taxi driver. BEST.
PR :OMG. I got through XXX. I cant believe it.
PR : OMG I CLEARED IT! Shit Im in the top 24!
CT : How are you? Did you move to new hotel? Do you need anything?
PR : I think I am going to faint. I made it. Im one of the top 12 now.
OB : Ahh! We are here, come to say bye!
LS : Welcome back to India.
NK : K is serious, P told.

MN : Yes Dear. ;)
RN : I know, let me enjoy this moment :)
PM : Packed and ready?
SR : Ye thanks a a silly XX for company. irritating me no end!
PR : I give you such a nice review and all you say is hmm?

SR : Its ok. Forget abt the play. You take care and be with your mom.
RN Yippee...congrats, lets party.

MP : Orkut is banned?
RN : Where on earth are you? No reply on mail..not picking the call...gimme a call imm. need to book for potter on saturday.
PR : S is already in line. Lets leave fast. I am not takin bath.
NK : How is Harry? Is he dead or alive?
SW : Oh man! I was trying to spot you on TV. Am proud of you.
PD : My kid n I have come home. Leaving for hyd next week.
RK: Join us for lunch
RK : Get lost.

PR : This guy full flirting flirting.
NK : Main bhatak gayi thi. Mujhe maaf kar do. I'll watch in theatre only.
NK : Hey happy bday again. Couldn't talk properly due to hiccups.
RN : NOOOOOOOOOOO...get the dates changed.

RN : She died yesterday night.
SW : I have been messaging from past few days. No response.
SW : Can you meet me at j'nagar in the evening. Its for my wedding saree.
AC : P is English. Londoner.
VG : One wicket should fall now, I am not watching so double tension.
VG : Congrats :D
NK : Are you performing? Wear skirt.

RN : My radar is on for you. This place has many tamil and mallus...beep beep.
AR : Flight is at 2 in the night. Kal baat karte hain.
RN : Still not fixed. I'll mail ya guys tom.
SW : Guess what I am qualified for the party.
AC : Do you want to buy iPhone?
SR : I love Marley!

NK : He is from IISc. His friends are like scientists.
SR : Its for the best I am sure...u don't owe him an explaination.
PR : Hahhahahaha. You are funny.
AC : You have won a dvd from raj of cnn.
SW : Me at in-laws.
SR : Happy Journey!

MN : Lakki magalu namma balige bandiddale.
SJ : Hi, How are you? I was listening to disco and thought of you...
RN : We have got to do this before one of us moves out...
AC : It is like Taj Mahal
AC: Sorry Leaning tower of pisa. it will not be made proper but be historic.
MN : Nammibarigoo kooda tumba khushi ayitu. Matte yavaga sigodu..aunty!
AC : Please let everyone else enjoy your vocal skills. Upload the file somewhere.
MN : Aunty thanks for nice sweater and dress. Wearing them today :D
AC : You are wicked. Please buy chocolate cake and give it to them.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Turns out I have been looking at life the wrong way all along. Am going on yet another hiatus. When I come back, things wont be the same. Be good.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Talk about google.

Is there a bug in gtalk? I show as online even though I don't login for days together. Just so that people know I leave my status as 'Not at my desk' these days and I changed my password to be safe. This could just be a bug but I am suddenly scared now. If someone hacks my gmail password, with just one password, my blog, photos and orkut account all becomes accessible. There is just too much information out there and I don't know if I can trust google with it. I am tempted to move my pics and maybe my blog even. Apparently you cant delink your orkut account with the gmail account. Don't be surprised if I disappear from orkut one day. I somehow don't like google anymore. Paranoia may run in the family but I have reasons to be worried.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mano Murthy is probably the best thing that has happened to Kannada film industry in a long time. I am hooked to his music. Current fav is 'Ade Bhoomi' from Ee Bandhana. And the fact that Sonu Nigam sings most of his songs makes it just perfect. Lovely lovely song this one is.

Ade bhoomi, Ade baanu ee nayana nootana
Ade daari, ade tiruvu ee payana nootana
Nanna mooda nanna hadu nanna kanase omme nodu
Nanna cheluvina nandana
madhura ee bandhana

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Thanks to the super-duper twenty20 finals, the hits to this blog have increased 10 fold mainly due to people who come looking for shirtless pics of the captain. Not that my blog has them but remember this? (Tip: Use image search, isay)

But what a match it was! Yes yes we all cheered and we'll talk about this for very many years but enough with the awards and cash prizes already. Not fair that I slog for 3 years, all I get is satisfaction while they win one tourney and make millions overnight. Coincidentally, tomorrow I get awarded (not in cash) for my work and all, satisfaction doubles. If only satisfaction could buy that Europe tour for me!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some more bad photography

Was on a official trip to Pune during Ganesh Chaturthi. Here are some badly taken pics from my phone, some of them from a moving vehicle.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Independence Rock.

Freedom jam.


Lounge piranha.

New years 07.

Level 9.

I like music, live and loud.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


..its finally over, the wait and the story. Finish. Time to get back to reality!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


If things can go wrong they will. And they did. My perfectly laid out plans for a perfect potter weekend have been disrupted to such an extent that I want to scream at the top of my voice 'THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING TO ME'. But of course as always they are happening to me. Saturday is working for a few of us! The last time I worked on a Saturday when we had to compensate for the Rajkumar riots. No riots this time but I am working. Which means I will have to spend nearly 6 agonizing hours in office while the whole world is rejoicing Voldy's fall and mourning the losses. And of course no tickets for Sunday(Well going by the reviews I don't really mind)

Anyway here's the new plan
  • Reach store at 5 am.
  • Get back home read as much as possible.
  • Switch off cell.
  • Go to work.
  • Keep away from mails, fan sites and the world wide web.
  • Get back home.
  • Avoid sister (She would have read by then)
  • Read all night.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Filler post

I am alive and all that. No inspiration to write. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, I do need inspiration to churn out whatever crap that goes here. Not as gifted as you are. So anyhoo, I go to my college yesterday, thought I'd drop in because I was in the vicinity. Apparently they don't let girls in after 6 in the evening. What? Have they got Umbridge for a principal now? Heh, its not like our principal was a Dumbledore. And no I haven't watched the movie yet. Cant get tickets, not without magic at least. Its like what Ron says about everyone sporting tornado badges 'they are all not real fans, they are just jumping on the bandwagon'. Yes I am bitter and I think all the pseudo fans are making it worse for me to get tickets. And yes the marathon is going on at a very slow pace than I expected owing to unexpected turn of events at work. Nevertheless I am reading Half blood prince now so I am just in time for the Deathly hallows. So there, I can write with no inspiration at all. :P

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Two years old.

Blog turns two today. Most people land here when they google for the title of this blog. I don't know what you are looking for but I know you don't find it here. My sincere apologies.

One year birthday post here .

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

After 10 years.

This post is an agreement entered on 19th day of June 2007 at Bangalore by and between the owner of this blog and best friend/confidante of owner of the blog, stating that 10 years from today, come what may (husbands, kids, pets, neighbour's pets or any other excuses 35 year olds may come up with) both parties will together embark on a historic trip to China irrespective of which part of the world they are in, irrespective of what life would have done to them in those 10 years. Both parties agree not to include any third party(husbands, kids, pets, neighbour's pets) in the trip. Both parties agree to equally contribute in the planning of the trip (Tickets, stay, what to wear etc). In an unlikely even that the blog is closed down during the above stated period, the agreement still holds good since it has got nothing to do with the blog but with the blog owner.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Deathly hallows....

Coming few months are going to be tough. What with the release of the last of the Harry Potter series and me turning erm 25. Whatever be the fate of Harry, that being the last book will leave a void in my life and turning 25 has never been easy on anyone. I have a plan to deal with both but for now starting today I am going on a Harry Potter Marathon. Wish me luck and join me if you care to.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Save the environment

Few days back I swore not to be so self-obsessed and decided to at least make an attempt to care. Needless to say my blog which primarily focuses on me, had to be neglected. Also two months back, I stopped traveling by autorikshaws. There just wasn't anything to write about.
I genuinely am concerned about the environment so this is not just an attempt to keep the blog alive. Read on.

June 5th being environment day, a lot is being written and discussed about the saving the environment. I just intend to add to the list of dos and don'ts, something that will make a difference and will go a long way in saving the environment. My humble suggestion :

Please don't burn effigies. I am not judging you. I realize you are sensitive and are appalled when you see/hear about the shameful happenings that occur everyday. Like when a certain person is hugged by a foreign national. Or when someone paints your God and is crazy enough to display it. Or when a certain somebody refuses to sing the national anthem. Such atrocities! I sympathize with you and I realize the responsibility that you have taken upon yourself, to set things right in this insane world, to preach us about our culture and tradition. Enormous task it is indeed! My only request is, please don't burn effigies. See, when you do so, you are helping destroy this already fragile earth. Every time you feel the need to burn some one's effigy which is almost everyday, plant a tree. Name the tree after the person who has angered you. The plant will be a living testimony of the heinous crime for years to come instead of mere ash/smoke that your burning would otherwise cause. Your grandchildren will be proud of you. And maybe someday some celebrity will marry the tree and you will be famous again. Thank you. Peace.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

So its my mom's birthday (tomorrow). And I announced I wanted to do something nice for her. This statement alone caused a lot of excitement at home and the focus shifted from actually planning the birthday to discussing what in the devil's name had gotten in to me. Anyhoo, I say 'May be I will cook a full course meal'. It has been over a year since I last entered the kitchen, my confidence levels in the kitchen aren't exactly 'full course meal cooking' worthy. Idea no. 1 dropped. Anybody can bake a cake but I am not anybody. Idea no. 2 went down the drain. Dinner at a nice restaurant? We are just back from a holiday and I cant take anymore of the 'nice restaurant dinner table conversations'. Idea 3 not even consider worthy. And then of course someone else comes up with that one brilliant plan, you wished you had thought of yourself. Movie! We never go out for a movie together. The only movie I have watched with my parents is umm errr.... Dr.Do Little. Yeah. Don't ask why. Coming back to the plan, we aren't going to watch any movie, we are watching The movie. The movie that people still haven't stopped raving about 3 months after its release. The movie that has broken all records, the movie that is so amazing it will tug at your heart (considering it is a Kannada movie, some add), the movie whose songs are still played on the radio, 100 times a day. (I love them btw) And when your dad knows the actor's name of a Kannada movie, there must be something to it. Yes, we are going to watch 'Mungaru Male'. And we are going to watch it in PVR. Parents are not movie friendly people so the fact that I was taking them to a fancy multiplex is a bonus. Except there is one small problem. YOU DON'T GET TICKETS TO ANY FRIGGING MOVIE ON A WEEKEND. I mean its just a movie. 3 months since the movie released, surely everyone must have watched it by now! No, you need a month's planning just to watch a movie!! Sheesh!! Good news is the theatre in our neighbourhood still has tickets. Thank God for small stand alone theaters. Never watching a movie in a multiplex ever. They are for the jobless who have no better business than to book tickets in advance so that they can act smug and sneer at the last minute decision makers like us. Get a life is what I say!

La la...we are watching The movie. Ganesh is it possible that you could wear a shirt in the movie just for me? Multi colured baniyans doesnt go well with me. I am thinking my parents will not like it either. Nothing much we can do about that I guess. Ganesh, if you didn't guess is the actor in the lead role. Not some random guy who wears baniyans. Lets just hope the movie doesn't disappoint.

Mungaru Maleye, yenu ninna hanigala leele.....

Almost forgot, happy birthday Mom!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday, April 14, 2007

From Bambi:

Mrs. Rabbit: What did your father tell you this morning?
Thumper: [clears throat] If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all.

I am going to be following this from now on.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hard work and sincerity still pays. Makes me happy. I met a very beautiful couple yesterday, makes me happier.

And lets just pretend the last post didn't happen shall we? I didn't mean to delete it, I updated it from office, now I see it never got published! Whatever.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day Light Saving makes no sense to me. You advance your clocks and you pretend its some time you want it to be? Rubbish! Sometime back I attended a seminar on cultural differences between the east and the west. And this is one of the points the speaker had brought up. That Indians live by the biological clock while in the west it is mechanical. And that in India everything follows a cycle, the day follows the night and so on. Which is why we tend to be relaxed about timelines, its not the end for us theres always tomorrow. I agree to some extent but he was bang on about the biological clock. Every morning the alarm on my clock screams it is 7 but my body clock refuses to believe it because it only 6! As I struggle every morning I wonder what the effect of DST be in India, if implemented. How do you tell 1 billion people to advance their clocks? The chaos and confusion it would create....And another excuse to tell your boss why you are late 'I forgot to advance my clock'.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Note to myself.

Never check your office mail on a Saturday night. Especially if you are away from home.

Monday, March 19, 2007

In the country which spans two continents (stole this term from somebody) for a second time. Alone. For a much longer time. Surprisingly doing well. Two things I thought would get to me, loneliness and work pressure. I was wrong, it is second hand smoke and non availability of mom's tea. Surviving on cheese and chocolates. Feel like eating dosa. Was at a concert by a local band, good fun. Almost saw snow. Thin layer of ice actually. In a wi-fi enabled room. And I get fox sports, which means I get to see all the drama that has unfolded this world cup. If I choose to watch that is. More later.

Yakshalmar. (Good day!)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kavya Vishwanathan in the making...

This is hilarious...I had to blog about it. I get a message from a very close friend of mine saying a common friend had flicked lines from the testimonial she had written for me on orkut while writng a testimonial for someone else . Intrigued, I see the testimonial, and its true. Same lines, not just that other lines are from other testimonials written for me. Hhhaaaaaaaaaahahah!!! I must share a lot in common with this female on whom the testimonial was written. Hehe! Orkut is fun for more than the obvious reasons.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

You didn't really think I was gone...

..did you? Of course you knew I would come back, ramble like always do about the interesting and not so interesting details of my normally boring life. Well, you are right. The break was more than welcome but nothings changed. Except who would have known Sharukh would do a good job on KBC? And that Karan Johar and SRK would share notes on being TV hosts? Coffee with Karan is back! I am not denying I am excited to see him back. Less Blogging only translated to more TV viewing as you might have guessed, so I decided it was time I blogged. Before I forget, I must say I can now cross off Delhi, Agra and Punjab from my list of must see places. Next stop is Orissa, friends marriage gives the perfect excuse. :D. Rajasthan will have to wait. Oh, did you notice anything new? Look, who has been signing all my posts. That's me alright. I figured using a positive sounding blog name will probably do wonders to my self esteem. Also it creates the illusion that I might be doing something great while in reality I am just waiting for my mom to call me for dinner. No, I am not seeing a shrink. Not yet! And while I reserve my comments on the Cauvery judgement (mostly, because I have none) I pledge to be more careful with water from now on. Save water!

Boy, I am glad I got all that out. I had been dying to talk to you. I can hear her now, its time for dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!