Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pyaar ke side effects.

One of the best comedies I have seen since Dil chahta hai and I will probably be beaten up for saying this but I liked it better than Lage raho Munnabhai. Rahul, Mallika and Ranvir dazzle (yes yes, mallika can act!). The only problem however is that you'll keep guessing in which English movie you have seen the scene before. (Reminded me of Something about Mary, My best friend's wedding and the TV show 'friends') but like Rashmi says it, 'it may not be original but its definitely fresh'.

Go watch it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Colour colour, which colour do you want?

BMTC buses are getting make-overs. They are no longer of the boring blue and white (they were once red weren't they? And they were called BTS then and tickets costed only a rupee. That was all so long ago. Sigh!) I see buses in jazzy silvers, bright blues and flaming reds. I am confused. Are they just meant to look good? Have they hired new designers? Or do the colours signify something? The shocker was when I saw this bus which had a 'ladies only' board and it was coloured, ahem... pink. All of it. Standing there at the bus stop looking pretty in pink. Ermm..I think the newly hired designers went overboard there. Have to find out more about the ladies only buses though, never heard of them before!


Dedicating an entire bus to women might be extreme and not economical but I am for the reservation of seats for women in buses. I have been traveling by BMTC buses for nearly 8 years now. I never ask men to leave the seat for me if they are sitting in a 'ladies only' seat. Most of the times I don't mind them sitting. And most of the times men do let women have their seats. When the first few seats are booked essentially the first half of the bus is occupied by women, Not just the seats even the standing area. This ensures that the one pervert (I know not all men are creeps, allow me to assume that there is always one pervert in every bus) is no where near you. So yes. I am damn happy seats are reserved for women in buses. If you want to make things fair, reserve the rest of the seats for men. This way everybody is happy.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Few pics to make up for my blogger's block

Murudeshwar Beach.

Shiva idol at Murudeshwar.

Puppies at my grandparents farm. (yeah yeah I forgot to set the date)

Vanilla Plantation.

Behinds of jersey cows.

Banana, Areca nut and Coconut plantation.

Baby cow drinking milk.

I just like this pic :)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

My first encounter with them was in Kerala though it wasn't my first visit to the place. God's own country they had said, the sublime scenery, the pristine backwaters, the serenity, the cozy houseboats, yes indeed there was magic in the air. My second visit to the state but to another city. It was a quiet peaceful place, nothing Godly about it but beautiful nevertheless. I was to attend a wedding the next day, something I was looking forward to so I ignored the dingy hotel I had put up in and its modest surroundings. I needed a roof and a bed and it was there, I was happy, contented and not in the least bit prepared for what was to come next. Weary from the travel I retired early curling up in the bed that looked so inviting. I think I fell asleep immediately, all I remember next was waking up with a start, confused and alarmed. They were there.

Mumbai, a city where dreams come true, my first visit and my only intention was to have a good time and to shop while I could. I wasn't staying long enough for my dreams to materialize, just 4 days. Day one was eventful a shopping expedition had turned successful and the long walk at worli sea face was refreshing. Again, it was time to rest. Or so I thought. The nightmares of Kerala came haunting back, I wasn't scared this time, only disgusted. They were back and there was nothing I could do about it.

Bhatkal, a small town in Coastal Karnataka where my mother grew up in. It was where I spent all my summer holidays. A place to which I have more memories attached than any other. Visiting after a gap of four years was special, I knew I would be treated like a celebrity. For them I was the ambitious career women who was out to get the world. I let them believe that. I can never sleep in bus journeys so I rested against the uneasy seat in the bus and reminisced on the past as the bus took sharp turns in the climb up the western ghats. Not all memories were sweet and a strange feeling had begun to creep in. It wasn't nostalgia. I decided it was best that I slept and tried counting my cousins instead of sheep. It was of no use. They didn't have to wake me up this time. I was wide awake and they were there, as always unexpected and uninvited, sucking my blood like they owned it. Frigging bedbugs! I have never hated any creature as much as I have hated those creepy predators of the night. I loathe them. Die you filthy creeps, all of you die and leave me alone. I need my sleep when I travel.