Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kavya Vishwanathan in the making...

This is hilarious...I had to blog about it. I get a message from a very close friend of mine saying a common friend had flicked lines from the testimonial she had written for me on orkut while writng a testimonial for someone else . Intrigued, I see the testimonial, and its true. Same lines, not just that other lines are from other testimonials written for me. Hhhaaaaaaaaaahahah!!! I must share a lot in common with this female on whom the testimonial was written. Hehe! Orkut is fun for more than the obvious reasons.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

You didn't really think I was gone...

..did you? Of course you knew I would come back, ramble like always do about the interesting and not so interesting details of my normally boring life. Well, you are right. The break was more than welcome but nothings changed. Except who would have known Sharukh would do a good job on KBC? And that Karan Johar and SRK would share notes on being TV hosts? Coffee with Karan is back! I am not denying I am excited to see him back. Less Blogging only translated to more TV viewing as you might have guessed, so I decided it was time I blogged. Before I forget, I must say I can now cross off Delhi, Agra and Punjab from my list of must see places. Next stop is Orissa, friends marriage gives the perfect excuse. :D. Rajasthan will have to wait. Oh, did you notice anything new? Look, who has been signing all my posts. That's me alright. I figured using a positive sounding blog name will probably do wonders to my self esteem. Also it creates the illusion that I might be doing something great while in reality I am just waiting for my mom to call me for dinner. No, I am not seeing a shrink. Not yet! And while I reserve my comments on the Cauvery judgement (mostly, because I have none) I pledge to be more careful with water from now on. Save water!

Boy, I am glad I got all that out. I had been dying to talk to you. I can hear her now, its time for dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!