Saturday, May 19, 2007

So its my mom's birthday (tomorrow). And I announced I wanted to do something nice for her. This statement alone caused a lot of excitement at home and the focus shifted from actually planning the birthday to discussing what in the devil's name had gotten in to me. Anyhoo, I say 'May be I will cook a full course meal'. It has been over a year since I last entered the kitchen, my confidence levels in the kitchen aren't exactly 'full course meal cooking' worthy. Idea no. 1 dropped. Anybody can bake a cake but I am not anybody. Idea no. 2 went down the drain. Dinner at a nice restaurant? We are just back from a holiday and I cant take anymore of the 'nice restaurant dinner table conversations'. Idea 3 not even consider worthy. And then of course someone else comes up with that one brilliant plan, you wished you had thought of yourself. Movie! We never go out for a movie together. The only movie I have watched with my parents is umm errr.... Dr.Do Little. Yeah. Don't ask why. Coming back to the plan, we aren't going to watch any movie, we are watching The movie. The movie that people still haven't stopped raving about 3 months after its release. The movie that has broken all records, the movie that is so amazing it will tug at your heart (considering it is a Kannada movie, some add), the movie whose songs are still played on the radio, 100 times a day. (I love them btw) And when your dad knows the actor's name of a Kannada movie, there must be something to it. Yes, we are going to watch 'Mungaru Male'. And we are going to watch it in PVR. Parents are not movie friendly people so the fact that I was taking them to a fancy multiplex is a bonus. Except there is one small problem. YOU DON'T GET TICKETS TO ANY FRIGGING MOVIE ON A WEEKEND. I mean its just a movie. 3 months since the movie released, surely everyone must have watched it by now! No, you need a month's planning just to watch a movie!! Sheesh!! Good news is the theatre in our neighbourhood still has tickets. Thank God for small stand alone theaters. Never watching a movie in a multiplex ever. They are for the jobless who have no better business than to book tickets in advance so that they can act smug and sneer at the last minute decision makers like us. Get a life is what I say!

La la...we are watching The movie. Ganesh is it possible that you could wear a shirt in the movie just for me? Multi colured baniyans doesnt go well with me. I am thinking my parents will not like it either. Nothing much we can do about that I guess. Ganesh, if you didn't guess is the actor in the lead role. Not some random guy who wears baniyans. Lets just hope the movie doesn't disappoint.

Mungaru Maleye, yenu ninna hanigala leele.....

Almost forgot, happy birthday Mom!