Saturday, June 30, 2012

To be a kid again..

After I read the most depressing book* ever I decided to read children's books and books for young adults, all those books that I missed out reading as a kid.

After some research, online shopping and browsing through scores of dusty books at Blossoms I bought a few. While I enjoyed most of them it was very difficult to get rid of my cynicism when reading them. Perils of being a grown up.

Anyway here is the list
1. Divorce express - Paula Danzinger - Was looking for some other book by the same author but found only this. Adolescence, boys, know the works.
2. Are you there God? It's me Margaret by Judy Blume - Again, one of those growing up books. Cute.
3. Julie of the wolves by Jean Craighead George- This one is heart warming and sad and somewhat hard to believe, life of a little girl in alaska.
4. Lemony Snicket's A series of unfortunate events Book 1  - The bad guy leaves a baby in a cage hanging from a tower. . Uggh.
5. Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli - Loved this book the best, reminded me of the many stargirls I've known.
6. Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl - I haven't seen the movie, this is one book that made me hungry all the time. I even stocked my fridge with chocolates when reading this. But I couldn't help feeling sorry for the other four kids, I mean wonder why they didn't sue Willy Wonka.

Also discovered that I no longer have the patience to read Enid Blyton :(. (at least the mysteries, I still love Mallory Towers)

*The most depressing book ever was Rohinton Mistry's - A fine Balance. It is a book of genius no doubt but it just has too much misery packed into one book. I'd still recommend it but with the warning that it will make you sad. Very very sad.