Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day Light Saving makes no sense to me. You advance your clocks and you pretend its some time you want it to be? Rubbish! Sometime back I attended a seminar on cultural differences between the east and the west. And this is one of the points the speaker had brought up. That Indians live by the biological clock while in the west it is mechanical. And that in India everything follows a cycle, the day follows the night and so on. Which is why we tend to be relaxed about timelines, its not the end for us theres always tomorrow. I agree to some extent but he was bang on about the biological clock. Every morning the alarm on my clock screams it is 7 but my body clock refuses to believe it because it only 6! As I struggle every morning I wonder what the effect of DST be in India, if implemented. How do you tell 1 billion people to advance their clocks? The chaos and confusion it would create....And another excuse to tell your boss why you are late 'I forgot to advance my clock'.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Note to myself.

Never check your office mail on a Saturday night. Especially if you are away from home.

Monday, March 19, 2007

In the country which spans two continents (stole this term from somebody) for a second time. Alone. For a much longer time. Surprisingly doing well. Two things I thought would get to me, loneliness and work pressure. I was wrong, it is second hand smoke and non availability of mom's tea. Surviving on cheese and chocolates. Feel like eating dosa. Was at a concert by a local band, good fun. Almost saw snow. Thin layer of ice actually. In a wi-fi enabled room. And I get fox sports, which means I get to see all the drama that has unfolded this world cup. If I choose to watch that is. More later.

Yakshalmar. (Good day!)