Friday, September 30, 2005

Green Day

I love Green Day...Basket Case, The grouch, Boulevard of Broken dreams...perfect songs to listen to when you are angry, sad, frustrated, miserable, lonely(and you cant afford to see a shrink), when you want to yell at your boss or HR (but cant because you are worried about that impending appraisal), or when the auto driver charges double the amount the meter shows(because its too early or too late or gives one or the other shitty reason), or when you try to cross the road and it takes forever (and you forget why you crossed the road in the first place) or when you are perfectly normal but the world around you and everybody around you seems to have gone bonkers. Perfect. Have been listening to it since the past 3 days.

It helps if you play it on your new iPod Nano (specially if you didn't have to pay for it and got it as a gift).

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Of Mice and Women

Now that I am back in Hyderabad, I am back to living independently. I have no troubles adjusting because I am just resuming the lifestyle I left behind. I enjoyed it then and am enjoying it now, late night discussions with roomies, bitching about our companies, arguing as to whose turn it is to pay the electricity bill, weekend movies, experimenting in the kitchen, fighting for the remote and more.
Currently we are facing umpteen problems in the flat we are staying, one such being rats.A family of rats (3 have been spotted) have been visiting us mostly in the nights but there have been sightings in the day also. We are also suspecting that they might have an establishment somewhere in the kitchen. Our kitchen, once a hang out for all of us, a place for discussing the days events, is now used only by the brave and fearless. Screams are heard every otherday followed by loud explecitives.
Initially some of us were not too eager on exterminating them. I have no sympathy for these beady eyed furry monsters. They are ugly, creepy and they steal our food. I don't know why they have been given so much importance in fairy tales, nursery rhymes and cartoons. I never liked Mickey Mouse. Then there's Jerry. Tom deserves some respect and some food too! But yeah, as a kid I took sides with Jerry. Stuart Little, Awwww he looked so cute. So did the mice in Disney's Cinderella, especially the fat one. Damn! I am actually feeling sorry for them now.......

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Salaam Namaste

This is not exactly a review but it does have spoilers so don't complain that I didn't warn you.
The movie is supposed to be ground breaking and different because it is about Live In relationships. I don't think it is ground breaking at all but it is definitely entertaining. I cant think of any other Hindi movie about the same concept but unwed mothers aren't new to bollywood. Besides the second half is a rip off of the English movie Nine Months so it is definitely not original. But for a yash raj movie it is something new. No extended families, no sentimental drama and no excessive crying. Its a comedy movie with some masala that is tolerable.
Saif looks great, even shirtless! And his performance is top class. Even when he ditches Priety when she is pregnant, you just cant hate him!Songs are good except the one in which a very pregnant Priety is dancing to a song that sounds more like a nursery rhyme.

After watching the movie I couldn't help wondering, the movie works only because it is based in Australia. Had they been in India, the movie(if it portrayed reality) would have taken different turns, raising several moral issues. Live In relationships are not accepted in India. It is not easy for a single unwed mother to raise her child on her own. They played it safe by choosing a foreign land as the backdrop. Another reason why it is not ground breaking. All in all this one is definitely worth a watch.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Its been a while since I last blogged and was beginning to worry that I was disappointing those few people who visit my blog. I even had a nightmare or a dream, call it whatever you want, that I had fractured my leg and was blogging about it. Got up to find everything was normal. I was actually disappointed that I didn't have a broken leg and something to write about. Is this normal? Anyway I have been awfully busy and have been traveling which proves that I have a life (Its another issue that my life is not interesting enough to blog about!)
Finished reading Doctors. I don't recommend the book unless you are interested in the medical profession. All the while I was reading the book my thoughts went out to my ex class mate, close friend and now doctor who is in Mysore. She had always been focused and had decided that medicine was the right profession for her, long before I knew what I wanted to do with my life. In college she was the perfectionist, sincerely attended all classes including language classes which most of us preferred bunking . And yet she was fun to be with, always energetic and enthusiastic and though she dragged me with her when she had doubts to ask the profs and though she made me do my chemistry lab experiments accurately, we had a good time in the two crucial years of our life. She went on to score brilliantly in the entrance and took up her dream profession while I took up engineering because everybody else did. I spent most of the four years in the parking lot and canteen while she slogged in the library. Fours years later when most of us got jobs and started working I could see the frustration in her. But the difference is clear now, five years later, she is a doctor and I am just another engineer. I have always admired her and now admire her even more for fulfilling her dream. Its not over for the both of us, we still have lots to do, lots to achieve, I hope we continue to be good friends and I hope I don't have to pay medical bills for the rest of my life :)