Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year!!!!!!!!!

Year 2005 has not been good for me. Especially the first half. Nothing was going right. But I am not going to brood over it because I have been doing that the whole year(mostly in the second half). Lot of good things did happen, one such good thing being, me blogging. I have successfully completed 6 months of blogging. And my post about the lift reached 30+ comments!!!Never thought I would see such numbers. I thank all those who made it possible. :)

In continuing with the tradition of taking weird resolutions that I don't keep up, this year I will be taking these :
1) Keep my room clean. Not for the entire year silly. Just on New Years.
2) Help my Dog lose weight.
3) Get Driving License.
4) Try to remember facts/numbers/ statistics. I hate conversations that go this way. (Note X is just a random person, not someone who I have a crush on)

X : So how many employees are there in your company?
Me : Lots!
X: Like 10,000?
Me: Er maybe more....or less???

Or like this one:
X: You have been to Ramoji?How big is it?
Me: Oh its huge!
X: How many acres?
Me: Don't know, but its huuuuuugggge!

(I just found out, Ramoji film city is spread over 2500 acres. That is huuuuuuuuggggge!)

Can't think of anything else right now.

I don't have any special plans for 31st. Last minute plans to go to hyderabad didn't work out. But I successfully managed to convince my parents to cancel the party they were organizing for a group of people I don't really like. My mother is worried why I turned this way. (By this way she means my not attending family functions, weddings or any event that gets relatives at one place) Sorry mom, playing athakshari with people more than twice my age is not my idea of having fun! Oh hell, I will take resolution number 5. Try to be a little less that way.

In spite of everything I cant help being excited. New year is just round the corner,with that I hope it brings new hopes, joy and lot of happiness in all of your lives!

Happy New Year!! Have a blast!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

IISc terrorist attack

What exactly have the terrorists gained by such a cowardly act? Opening fire on innocent people, it totally disgusts me. Will this ever stop? The mindless killing?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why??? Why???

Why is it that every time I try not to make a fool of myself I end up looking like a bigger fool?

The otherday I got in the lift and another guy followed me in, we had to go the ground floor, I pressed '0' but didn't do it hard enough. The lift went down and then up again before it finally reached the ground floor. It was so damn embarrassing, people who took the stairs reached earlier than we did. I just hid my face and vowed to press the freaking lift buttons harder next time.

Yesterday, again its just the both of us in the lift. Same guy. Same situation. Both have to go to the ground floor. I remember my vow. I put all efforts in pressing the button. The lift shows no signs of budging, so I say "These buttons don't work" and curse the thing. He doesn't say a word, presses '0' and then says "we are in fourth floor". I was pressing '4' all the while! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He probably thinks I am an imbecile or something. Why? God why? Why do I have these 'Bridget Jones moments' so often? Please give me the strength to walk up and down the stairs 'cause I am never getting into a lift again.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I took part in the marathon that I mentioned here, ran all of 5 km!!!!!!!!!!!!! The feeling is awesome, there were some 100 people behind us, we (four of us) took slightly less time than what the winner of the half marathon took to complete 21 km. The last km was the best, when we saw the dome of Kanteerva indoor stadium nearing and started shouting "We did it!" much to the annoyance of other runners. My friend emphatically said "Never underestimate yourself", true, each of us carried extra cash just in case we needed to take an auto to complete the race.

Running/walking was fun specially because there were cute volunteers who cheered for us and friendly policemen who stopped traffic for us. To all those who yap all the time that Bangalore is choking blah blah and it isn't how it used to be (How do you know? You've been here only 6 months), my advice to you, take early morning walks around Vidhana Soudha and Cubbon park. Bangalore is beautiful! The only celebrities present were Ashwini Nachappa and Charu Shrama(almost celebrity, sports anchor). Charu Sharma gave some excuse for not running and goofed up big time while announcing the awards. There were some people protesting against the unequal prize money for men and women runners (Men get Rs 30,000 while women Rs 15, 000 for running the same distance of 21 km, I support them too BTW).One guy held up a banner that said "Same distance, Unequal prize money, Support female athletes" So Charu says "Its easy to hold up a banner, why don't you donate some money, we will definitely increase the prize money." Er.. Charu what do you mean? His reply was received with a lot of boos which he rightly deserved.

My friends who were elated with their achievements didn't thank me enough considering that I forced them to come, I registered for them, I collected their chest numbers, I woke them up! I am not complaining not after they treated me to breakfast. They now plan to go for long walks every Sunday morning. Yeah right! God only knows how much energy I wasted in convincing them to forfeit their one Sunday. They also swore to lead a more healthy life. These same people wanted to celebrate in Pizza Corner and Corner House (the official sponsors) . 5 km is not much I know but it was enough to inspire my friends. I deserve a pat on the back just for that.

The people who competed in the senior category, junior's dash and the special mile were all received with lot of applause. The look on the people's face who completed the half marathon(21km) is something I'll never forget, may be one day I will run that distance too. Baby steps.

The proceeds of the event go to charity (Fame India). Also on Saturday I did some volunteer work organized by my company. I think I managed to impress Santa just in time. Even otherwise, I have been good the whole year. Really.

Monday, December 12, 2005

How to fix a pothole

1. Remove stones, plastic covers or any dirt that might have gotten into the pothole.
2. Pour a thin layer of chocolate syrup like looking liquid.
3. Fill the pothole with chunks of tar.
4. Pour another thin layer of the chocolate syrup like liquid.
5. Sprinkle white stone powder all over and wait for a BMTC bus to run over it.
6. Pothole fixed. Flat and even road ready.

As simple as that! Waiting at a bus stand I saw the whole process, hardly took 20 mins. Lot of people gathered to witness it, may be because it is such a rare event. But not anymore. The municipality seems to be on a road fixing spree, I see a lot of patch work on roads these days. God bless them. I hope they fix all pot holes mentioned here

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


It took me almost 2 weeks to learn the route to my new office here. I used to get down at wrong stops (I use public transportation, being the environmentally conscious person that I am), walk in the wrong direction for a mile then take an auto who dropped me back to exactly where I started. Having no direction sense sucks. And all the one-ways here are of no help either. I mean, one should be able to take the same route one took from home to office, to get back home. People wonder how having lived most of my life here I still cant tell one road from the another. Direction sense, I don't have it. Ok? And yeah I lied about that environmentally conscious thing. I don't use my vehicle because I don't want to get lost.

Since I am in a bitchy mood let me talk about another common skill that I don't have. I cant throw. If you are laughing, let me hurl this coffee mug at you oh wait, I cant! When I try to throw something, its like gravity suddenly decides to show its might and the object lands right where I am standing (a feet away if I am lucky). This has never been a problem for me, in my line of work I don't have to throw anything (except may be an exception) but the problem arises when I have to cross this play ground near my place. Everytime I cross this park a tennis ball comes flying over to where I am, followed by screaming kids who go "Aunty ball, Aunty please ball". To save myself from a lot of embarrassment I pretend not to hear them and quickly walk away. I must admit I feel very guilty but what the heck? Serves them right for calling me aunty. If you are thinking why don't I just avoid the park, direction sense, I don't have it!!! I don't know any other route.

I should stop complaining, should also stop getting stressed. Today Deccan herald carried two articles Stress Causes Cancer and Stress may not cause Cancer. Either way getting stressed is not good. Also I saw a Santa Clause in an auto yesterday. May be he lost his way too. Holiday season is here, I should lighten up.