Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chief I'm awesome Officer

I have always envied people with really cool designations. I once almost took up a job because they offered me a position that had an important sounding name though the profile was pretty ordinary. Unfortunately in the last few years I've had to make do with standard (read boring) designations. Not that I have a problem with my current role. I like what I do but on paper it translates to something very ordinary. I find myself searching for words trying to describe my role when people throw at me their oh-I'm-so-good job titles. This one time I chose a fancy name for my business card, it was rejected by someone who didn't even know me citing some obscure reason even though my manager had approved it. I never applied for any ever again. This is also one of the main reasons I never updated my profile at LinkedIn. Every time I tried, that horrible 'title' text box kept staring at me as if it was mocking, 'Really, is that all you are?'

Coming up with a summary or headline is an art in itself where being modest can work against you. I have much to learn, meanwhile I'll live with what I have - code monkey.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dear 2009, Thank You for the memories

Late for the customary year end post,I'm sorry I was busy recovering. 2009 was a good year despite everything. Started with a bang and ended with a bang and it had the perfect mix of fun, personal achievements and disappointments. Looking back, I now realize that I did everything right....well almost. You cant blame for not trying. That's what I like about 2009, I have zero very few regrets. Another belief that was reinforced time and again last year was that eventually, everything turns out for the good. Let me see what I can turn this year into.

Happy 2010 people! All 6 of you :)