Friday, August 17, 2012


Every year this day, for the last few years, I'd send out a mail to a friend, wishing him on his birthday. The next day, he would reply back wishing me on my birthday. This one time I was going through a particularly bad phase, I decided not to send the mail, what is the point, I thought. The next day, he wished me all the same. I felt terrible. This tradition continued, the same message, same reply....until I married him. We used to think it was cool to have birthdays on consecutive days, he still thinks so, but I am bit jealous the attention is off me, August is now about 'our' birthdays rather than just mine. But then it is nice to have someone turn old along with you at the same time.

Anyway, around the time we got married, he stopped reading my blog (he stopped reading all blogs), so I had email notification set up to send my posts to his inbox. This message is for him -> Happy Birthday! Have fun!