Sunday, July 09, 2006


'Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless' said someone great in the forwarded email I got yesterday. And I did just that. Watched 4 movies, went on long walks, ate like crazy. I plan to watch the worldcup finals now, don't really care who wins. May the best team with the most good looking men win. :)


Did France just lose? Did Zidane really do that? I am fine but it was a major blow for my sister who has never seen any sport in her life but whose current joblessness situation had turned her into a soccer fan. She spent the entire time educating me on what offside is and telling me what a perfect gentleman Zidane is. Until of course red card happened. I think she is still in shock.


Anonymous said...

:(...I can't believe that Italy won...


Someone said...

Italy's win is a disgrace (as was Greece's in Euro). Zidane did the inexcusable and lost France the WC

Anonymous said...

what do you mean by 'pointless'?

Dont say watching 4 movies, going for long walks...

Anonymous said...

I think zizou was hypnotised by the Italians or maybe it was voo-doo..yeah, that must be it.
-Shocked sis

Balaji said...

May the best team with the most good looking men win. :)

Italians in general are believed to be good looking. You may say so about their Football team. So were you rooting for Italy from the start? Or may be Zizou (with his extra head butt aura) can match the Italians!

Anyway with this, I was undecided on whom I should back!


GuNs said...

'Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless'
Didnt the great Calvin say that?

LOL, you give your sister gyaan on "AJAX" !
Ask her if she knows its a football club as well.
Psst...its a Dutch football club where Dennis Bergkamp made his early youth debut. Bergkamp is one of the greatest strikers to have ever graced a football field. He retired on May 17th this year and he played for Holland and Arsenal in the English FC.

LOL, hope thats enough background info for you to cover your ass in case she asks you questions !


Shradha said...

Arun, :(

Supriy, Zidane :(

Anon, you are right, the long walks were anything but pointless, we did so much talking and was fun even.

Sis, Do you know about Ajax?

Balaji, I wasn't rooting for anyone. I didn't like the brazilians (they dont do well in the looks department unfortunately),France defeated them, Zidane was hot so I supported them. Italians were ok..

Interesting site that :p

Guns, I just asked her that, lets see her reaction.

GuNs said...

he he...
this time, its pronounced "aayax"


Anonymous said...

Ajax eh?? din really kno bout it. but now i do!

ps- not really THAT big a soccer fan, workin on it tho :) thnx fr the info Guns.

-Ms.Dealing with the shock

GuNs said...

I'll give you a magic pill to cure your shock !!
They have detailed info on just about any subject in the world. If you want info on anything, just go to the site and use the search.

In this context, you will find detailed info on all players who have ever played football alongwith the history of their past teams and clubs. Ditto for clubs. You will find a lot of info about the club.

Try it out and tell me.

Shradz...kindly message paas maadi. [:-P]


Shradha said...

Sis, read what guns has to say. And you arent a soccer fan at all. Admit it. And you don't know what offside is.

Guns, AJAX : Asynchronus javascript and xml. j:javascript. pronounced "aaJax".

~RAUL~ said...

:( :(
still shocked and sad

GuNs said...

he he he,,,
look up Ajax (with the javascript thingie) in Wikipedia too !! Its detail, as usual !

Swathi said...

the only thing i knew of the entire FIFA was the name Zidane :)

Shradha said...

Raul, :(

Guns, I know, thats the first place I looked when I needed info.

Swathi, hehe, I am not a fan either, I watched exactly 3and a half matches the whole worldcup. Zidane managed to create quite a stir didn't he?