Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kavya Vishwanathan in the making...

This is hilarious...I had to blog about it. I get a message from a very close friend of mine saying a common friend had flicked lines from the testimonial she had written for me on orkut while writng a testimonial for someone else . Intrigued, I see the testimonial, and its true. Same lines, not just that other lines are from other testimonials written for me. Hhhaaaaaaaaaahahah!!! I must share a lot in common with this female on whom the testimonial was written. Hehe! Orkut is fun for more than the obvious reasons.


GuNs said...

Did she pick up any lines from mine? I hope not coz I wouldnt like to SUE anyone in this weather !


P.S. : Your Valentine's Day escapades on blog, please.

FlyingHigh said...

Guns, Illa, she probably didn't understand yours!!

V'day escapades..beda!

There, I also illustrsted the correct (or almost correct) usage of illa and beda. :D

Anonymous said...

she flicked coz she was hoping her friend to whom she was writting that testimonial would turn out like u :)

am i being too nice here? :P

FlyingHigh said...

Anon, Yes you are being nice unless you know me :P. Do you know me?


Vicky said...

Why cant people overlook those "ruining" passages and then appreciate her creativity...??
I read your book dear, and found the book interesting overall.
Try writing again with "precautions" this time.
All the best!