Monday, March 19, 2007

In the country which spans two continents (stole this term from somebody) for a second time. Alone. For a much longer time. Surprisingly doing well. Two things I thought would get to me, loneliness and work pressure. I was wrong, it is second hand smoke and non availability of mom's tea. Surviving on cheese and chocolates. Feel like eating dosa. Was at a concert by a local band, good fun. Almost saw snow. Thin layer of ice actually. In a wi-fi enabled room. And I get fox sports, which means I get to see all the drama that has unfolded this world cup. If I choose to watch that is. More later.

Yakshalmar. (Good day!)


HP said...

You in Russia now??


GuNs said...

@HP LOL, Russia !!
He's half right though. Russia is the most obvious nation that spans 2 continents.

Hey, I can suggest a great way to escape second hand smoke - start smoking yourself.

OK...dont listen to me (like you ever do).

You been around the Bosphorous again?