Sunday, October 28, 2007

Talk about google.

Is there a bug in gtalk? I show as online even though I don't login for days together. Just so that people know I leave my status as 'Not at my desk' these days and I changed my password to be safe. This could just be a bug but I am suddenly scared now. If someone hacks my gmail password, with just one password, my blog, photos and orkut account all becomes accessible. There is just too much information out there and I don't know if I can trust google with it. I am tempted to move my pics and maybe my blog even. Apparently you cant delink your orkut account with the gmail account. Don't be surprised if I disappear from orkut one day. I somehow don't like google anymore. Paranoia may run in the family but I have reasons to be worried.


Balaji said...

hehe! I have got few mails from Google responding to 'my requests' to change the password! So much for having a blog... and worse I even had my credit card info on Google Checkout until recently!

realistic dreamer said...

oh oh!.. shld we delete all the old mails as a precaution? i love reading and brooding over them! :(

FlyingHigh said...

realistic dreamer : ayyo no no, dont delete them. It is mostly safe.I dont like the fact that google forces you to integrate everything. For ex orkut-gtalk, why couldnt they just keep it separate. Why should everyone on my orkut friendlist know when i am online on gtalk. Gah!