Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Friends

I get to meet a lot of people because I frequently move in and out of projects at work. Which is a good thing you might say but it is also increasingly difficult to keep up the friendship. The last time I made best friends was in Hyderabad, almost four years back. And only one later, no wait four more in the last four years. I need more best friends, not just friends.


Rinchen said...

Oh wow!!! This pic is fab and so are the animals in the other posts.

You, Sandeep are a photography god!

Years later, your picture will hang on the walls and novices will pray to you for blessings and skill :)

I'm not kidding!

Rinchen said...

Erm, apologies for wrong comment.

Too many tabs and first day return to blogosphere :)

Check out these photographs which made me comment so:

P.S. Nothing like best friends. I got a few but they're like gold. But I know what you're talking about, girl.

aparna said...

Flying High....its high time i see a new post on ur blog.....busy with ur new set of friends ???????/////////

FlyingHigh said...

rinch, hehe wrong number? But those pics on the blog are really nice..

aparna, :D not busy, cant seem to write much though.