Saturday, June 19, 2010

Very old friends of my parents (henceforth referred to as uncle and aunty) have come down for a visit from Mumbai. My parents reconnected with them without the help of facebook, orkut or the internet for that matter. It took a single phone call and though they are meeting after 20+ years, it doesn't seem like that.

They had last seen me when I was 1.5 years old. Aunty said I look the same (she said that twice). That is good news.

Knowing that my mom is an artist Uncle asked me what is it that I have learnt from her. I was about to smile and say nothing really when my dad interrupted and said 'She visited US.......and she cooked for herself'. Now, I'm sure my parents are proud of me but I think I need to pick up some skill like knitting or something. I mean, 'Yes she knits very well' is so much better than 'We raised a daughter who has life skills'. Also funny how 'visiting US' is considered as an achievement. Or at least a cover up for not being talented.

Uncle said my dad was the best engineer in the company. It is something I knew already but was good to hear that from someone who actually worked with him.

Aunty claims she knows astrology and on reading my horoscope says I have some defect which has something to do with snakes. I think what this means is I might be a parseltongue. I am thrilled.