Thursday, May 11, 2006

7th May, Taj Manjuran, Mangalore.

Many many years ago somewhere in a distant Arab land few Indian families met, bonded and partied like crazy. Their kids had fun too, at least the numerous photo albums and videos seem to suggest that. I was there, all of four, cute and cuddly, before parents decided to come back to homeland leaving me with very few memories but very many photos to look at and wonder where all the cuteness went. Last week one of the kids, no longer a kid, got married and that brought all families again at one place. It was a reunion of sorts for the parents, while the kids (no longer kids now) awkwardly smiled and tried to connect the faces in the photos to the people there. There is a video of me trying to drown this toddler in the baby pool, he is 6 feet now and has since forgiven me for that act mostly because he doesn’t remember. All parents did was discuss others, the money they made, the money they lost, their kids, how successful their kids were, how good looking their kids were..and that got me thinking. Is that how it will be very many years later? In fact we do that now, gossip and all but how will things be years later, will my kids(gulp) be friends with my friends' kids? Will I even be in touch with my now friends? Even with million ways to communicate, distances no longer being a barrier, I find myself not talking to my friend who lives in the next lane for days. Or will there be no 'catching up' because you were constantly in touch made easy through techonology and such like? Either ways I am actually looking forward to that meeting years later. I hope I dont lose too much money. I don't want to be the one everybody talks about.


GuNs said...

Me first, me first !!

So, you had a good time at the party?? OR did you spend your time thinking up all these weird things?

Catching up with friends gets lesser and lesser as the days pass. More than anything else, I blame the fact that the society looks up at people who are busy (or who seem busy - or just ACT busy) as worthwhile people and the ones who have free time as useless or worthless people.

I've said this before, I know but I hate to see so many of my old cronies not being able to catch up coz they say they are "busy" where I know that they are not really busy. Heck who can be so busy as not to be able to write a 10-line reply to an email once in a day? That with atleast 15 hours of internet access per day !

Lets just find new friends, people who are more enthusiastic and care two pennies about the society.


Prashanth CM said...

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Mangalore & Taj Manjuran :), Wo,I was expecting a blog on some of the Shaadi Specials ( Silk Sarees, Mangalore Food and all that). But where did you get so much time to think such a deep thoughts. Or was it happened, you were lost in the Marriage party?

hummmm...Its true that you'll realize the 'void' only when you meet your old friends and It takes time (read catching up) to take out 'that' void to be friends all over again.

On a lighter note, It gives a 'chance' to other person to talk also!! (hope you are not very talkative, are you?! :)).

kanags said...

hey taj manjuran huh!!! good old memories. i used to live in mangalore. i prefer the palki restaurant though.. been there?

oh btw, they talk about if u make lots of money too.. relatives.. they always talk.. motto is to ignore :)

Shradha said...

Guns, I had a great time at the party!

Prashant, The stay was good, Mangalore is a nice place though i got to see very liitle of it. And no, I am not talkative at all!

Kanags, You lived in Mangalore? Wow! Nope I dont know palki..I know places up in North kanara, havent seen much of mangalore. Yep ignoring is the best policy :)