Sunday, May 14, 2006

The next time I am going to spend an entire day at any mall in bangalore, I am carrying a lunch dabba, foldable table and a kurchi. Bah!


GuNs said...

You forgot to mention a stress-release squeezeball (or whatever its called). Oh, and maybe a balm for a headache would be good alongwith lots of water to re-hydrate you and keep you fit inspite of the heavy dehydrating exercise !!

:P When ARE you going again, anyhow?

Prashanth CM said...

What a great idea for 'Bird-Watching' in mall so that you can say 'Kya mall hai!', hmmm... I should think of something similar :D

PS: Shradha ko kussa kyu aata hai?.

GuNs said...

You said you would be revamping your blog. When is that happening?
Do it soon.

I've filled up my sidebar with so much crap that I cant revamp it even if I want to.