Friday, June 09, 2006

Just another rant

Aamir Khan is allowed to make mistakes. I forgive him for fanaa but what I hate now is that everytime I say 'I love fanaa' people are going to think I am referring to the movie. Saying 'I love fanna, the song, from yuva' is such a pain. Don't know if I can forgive him for that.

So world cup is here. I am missing my bro for the first time since he left for US. He was the one who got us excited about sporting events, he would talk endlessly before we (me and sis) would have to relent and hand him the remote. He even made us watch formula one. And at one point of time I liked racing, I liked Alonso even with my bro(and the whole world) telling me Schumi was the best. I cant sit through whole of 60 laps now.(or is it 70 laps?) Same with French open, haven't wacthed a single match. Funny, how I easily say 'I miss him', here on my blog. I cant dare saying that in open. We aren't very expressive, our family. Nobody has ever said 'I love you'. I would die in a fit of laughter if somebody said that. Surprisingly 'I hate you' is used all the time. I'd like my kids to be more eloquent and expressive, if I can be that myself. I'd like them to make 'mothers day' cards for me, may be cook breakfast for me once in a while. What kids, you ask? I am going to adopt, if I cant have kids of my own. And I am going to adopt a puppy. I hope I can be a good mommy. I'd watch them play, soccer maybe. That reminds me, now that world cup is here, who is your favorite team? I don't have a favorite, I just know I don't want Brazil to win.


GuNs said...

Me is the first one (F1) to comment !!

My favourite team : Holland (We all still call them Holland and not Netherlands)

Expressiveness in my family is an occasional 'take care' or 'be careful'. Anything else is considered too filmy !! [:-(]Oh well, atleast its not embarassing.


harp said...

i love fanaa(song) from this fanaa movie the other one 'mere haath mein tera haath ho.saari menzelein mere saath ho'...i find better...

expressive....i think 'i love u' nobody uses often in families...that sounds too filmy...v need nt say that to our parents n brother sisters.that is shradhs.....that cooking b'fast and making cards...once a while we shall do for our mothers n families......

n interest

Swathi said...

i've zero interest in football but i like the thot of being expressive - i think most households in India r not used to 'Love u' phrases but yaa i luv hugging frends (jus like my mom)

Shradha said...

Guns, Netherlands is good or so i have heard.

Harp, If I cook breakfast for mom, she'll think something is wrong with me..hehe! I love that song too. :)

Swathi, Hugging is good enough, in fact better than 'lu ya' :)