Thursday, June 29, 2006

Post to myself

You idiot, don't you ever learn? There are no God sent angels out there, you are all alone. Hear me? Alone. Learn to fend for yourself. Don't waste your time and energy hoping people will rescue you. They wont. They have their own bloody lives to live don't they?


GuNs said...

They have their own bloody lives to live don't they?

Well, they dont. No one thinks of themselves 24 hours a day. You spend half the time thinking about someone else or something else.

I know people dont rescue you when you are in real deep shit. Its happened to me. But yes, once you are out of the shit, people come back.

So now, my friends group has really shrunk to the people who have stood up for me when I was in trouble. Needless to say, acquaintances still exist. But I hence treasure every moment that I can spend with my real friends.


Anonymous said...

Well, Bangalore is busier than we think it is.Isnt it? :)


harp said...

i jst want to say one thing............u r an dnt be senti,.....n think something better......

Shradha said...

Guns, I am not talking about friends. Had a bad day at work.

Anon, what?

Harp,Tum bhi manti ho ki I am an idiot? Great. Bas tumhi ek aisi insaan ho jisne mujhe samjha hai :)

GuNs said...

[:-P]Everyone seems to have one sometime or the other. We can actually make a blog called "Bad day at work" and let just about anyone write posts on it. might be fun to read what happened to others and it might be something we can learn from.

[:-P]Also, we can use it to vent the frustration of SOMETHING at this blog!!

He and my corny ideas !


kanags said...

god just told me his angels were overworked that day.. next time he will take care.. ;)