Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pyaar ke side effects.

One of the best comedies I have seen since Dil chahta hai and I will probably be beaten up for saying this but I liked it better than Lage raho Munnabhai. Rahul, Mallika and Ranvir dazzle (yes yes, mallika can act!). The only problem however is that you'll keep guessing in which English movie you have seen the scene before. (Reminded me of Something about Mary, My best friend's wedding and the TV show 'friends') but like Rashmi says it, 'it may not be original but its definitely fresh'.

Go watch it.


GuNs said...

I liketh the movie too. Mallika can act, I've been saying it since long now. She plays the dumb bimbo in the media but I think the way she has handled her career is commendable. After all, a girl who's run away from her home in Delhi needs to have some guts to make it in this industry.

[:-P]You've been copying my to-watch movies list.


Someone said...

Pyaar ke Side Effects is a very nice movie. But Munnabhai rules.
I went to c the movie being a Rahul Bose fan but the surprise package was Mallika. Seems Hindi movies r getting better & better. Waiting for Kabul Express now

Hiren said...

I agree. Dil chata hai was refreshingly and totally different. Others were good in their own way.

Shradha said...

Guns, yes yes, she is one smart lady!

Someone, Munnabhai was too preachy!

Hiren, yes Dil chahta hai was class apart! Thanks for dropping by :)