Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I got a forwarded message today that Hritik in the yet to be released movie Krish, is an alien from Mars and Priyanka Chopra is an alien from Jupiter. I sure hope its true.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Few days back someone at office sent a mail addressed to some Shridhar to an entire mailing group. It took 2 mins for me to realize the mail was not intended for me. I ignored it and deleted it. Immediately mails started pouring in, all wondering why they had received the mail. After 10 min more mails started pouring in, everybody asking the others to stop replying with 'reply all' option. They themselves used that option! Then the mails got abusive, people attacked the person who sent the wrong mail and people who used 'reply all' option. Then there were some smart alecks attacking all software engineers for being so stupid. I checked their profiles, they were techies themselves. Even after an apology mail from the original sender, the mails continued to pour in, the tone changing from down right rude to condescending.

Everybody wanted one thing, their inboxes to not be cluttered yet all contributed to the cause. Made me wonder why many have this inherent need to put others down. Is that the only way they can prove their worth? Another example is the Bangalore community on Livejournal. One wrong post (on the community) and you will be torn apart. They are like vultures waiting to attack. Its almost as if they are disappointed when somebody puts up a sensible post. Why this need to pick up fights? Why cant people live and let live? Why don't we have world peace? Okay, I don't want the answer to the last one I just wanted to fit 'world peace' somewhere in this post.

If everybody who got that mail just ignored it like I did, none of our mail boxes would have been flooded. I guess not everyone is like me. I guess if there were more people like me there would be world peace.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Radio ga ga

Radio Mirchi is finally here. And with four other private channels in the pipeline Radiocity will have some tough competition. Which should mean better shows, good music, better RJs. More ads! That is one reason why I don't like Radiocity, the only time I listen to the radio is when I commute to office early mornings and in that 45 min journey (1 hour if I am lucky and there is a traffic jam) Radiocity hardly plays a song or two which more often than not is a remix or some other song I hate. So my favorite stations these days are FM Rainbow and Vividh Bharati. The quality sucks but they play good music, MORE music. I have also taken a sudden liking to Kannada music. If only Kannada lyricists stayed away from including Hindi and English words in Kannada songs I'd have nothing to complain. ' Dil kucchu kuchu hogaya, idu yede chucho chucho vishaya' ??? Thats not even correct Hindi, and they make Udit Narayan sing it!!!

Here is my list of favorites
1)Usiraguve Hasiraguve, Maurya
2)Nee Amrithadhare, Amrithadhare
3)Preethi Antha, Excuse me
4)Ba ra, Apthamitra
5)Vidhibaraha, Abhi

But my all time favorite is this song from Appu
Taliban alla alla
Bin laden alwe all
Avan hodaddu building ge

Nan hodiddu hrudayakke

Misunderstanding beda

Roughly translated, I am not the Taliban, I am not Bin laden, he aimed at a buliding, I aimed at your heart, I don't want any misunderstanding.

How profound! :))

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Two weddings in early May and I haven't done any shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can handle this situation. You are strong.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

I am tired trying to explain to my friends who are not from Karnataka, why even when somebody dies of natural cause people go crazy and resort to vandalism. News channels referred to the frenzy mob as grief stricken fans, these are not fans but hooligans! Dr. Rajkumar had God like status here but the way his so called fans have reacted is unforgivable. It was painful watching his wife and sons weep uncontrollably after their repeated pleas asking the crowd to clear so that the last rites could be performed, fell on deaf ears. I completely sympathize with them. The most loved Kannada actor of all time deserved a peaceful farewell. I am ashamed at what the city has had to see today.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Looks like Rahul Dravid has been borrowing clothes from Dhoni. On CNN-IBN he was seen in a pink T-shirt and today on NDTV he was wearing a bright blue kurta. Baby,I will forgive you for that, I still love you, watching you talk is almost as fun as watching you play and the look you have when you talk about your son....oh how I adore that! When asked "What would you take off if you won the world cup, your cap, your hanky or your shirt?? his reply was, "If we won the world cup I'd take off anything you want." Way to go Dravid and congratulations on your win today :) For all those who have been wondering who or what a CB 10 is and for people who have tried emulating a CB 10 without even knowing what makes one, Dravid is a perfect example of a CB 10. Heck, he is a CB 11!

Talking about interviews and TV, watch Rendezvous with Simmi Girebal on MTV. Its a spoof on Simmi garewal's painfully boring and weepy show and it runs at the same time as the original. Alternate between the 2 channels and you'll die in a fit of laughter, Cyrus Sahukar as Simmi is incredible! While switching channels (No I don't normally watch her show. But I watch Oprah, you have a problem?) I happened to catch Hritik Roshan's interview with his wife Suzzanne. They are like the cutest celebrity couple. I also realized I am a lot like Hrithik. Now, now, don't get any ideas, I mean as a person I am a lot like he is and Suzzanne is so perfect for him. May be I need a husband like her. I said don't get any ideas. If she were a guy she'd be a CB 10 on my scale.

So there you go, two examples of perfect CBs. I know you cant care any lesser which is why I'll not tell you what CB stands for :p