Sunday, May 28, 2006

I should stop lying not because it is wrong because I cant remember the lies I have told.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Ever wondered how you would survive if you were stranded in the middle of no where in some remote island? Ofcourse when the only traveling you do is from home to office and back, theres very little chance you'd get stranded in an island but when you watch LOST the thought does occur to you. Tom hanks managed to survive for four years (Cast Away), Anthony Hopkins was the only one who came out alive (The Edge). How long would you survive? More importantly if there were a bunch of you and you started a civilization, what would your contribution be? In Lost, theres just the right combination of people. You know theres exactly one engineer, one doctor and one pretty girl for the pretty doctor. What if that plane was carrying a bunch of doctors to, say some doctors convention in Australia?The show would then be called ER. haha. Anyway coming to Lost again, everybody is skilled, the best in the field.There is Jack:Surgeon, Super Hero, Saviour, Mr. Know it all..ok forget Jack, hes the result of an over imaginative script writer. But take Syed, soldier in Iraqi army and communication engineer. He is good at fixing stuff, he can even build radio transmitters out of airplane junk. That’s something. Lock, hes amazing with knives, can hunt, hes the food provider and hes got this 6th sense that will never get lost no matter how dense the forest is. (Again overactive imagination? ). Then theres the pretty girl, whats-her-name? She is umm, I am sure she is good at something. The Korean lady can practice Chinese medicine so that helps in the rare case that Superhero Jack fails. The fat guy built a golf course, some other guy can play the guitar. See? Everyone is good at something. What help would I be of? My education is no good, simply because I haven't learnt anything. Had I paid attention to my communication classes I am sure could have built those fancy gizmos Syed builds. Besides what good am I without a comp and internet connection? Damn, this is depressing. And I thought watching LOST would be a good change from watching Desperate housewives. At least the ladies at wisteria lane do not give me a complex.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The next time I am going to spend an entire day at any mall in bangalore, I am carrying a lunch dabba, foldable table and a kurchi. Bah!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

7th May, Taj Manjuran, Mangalore.

Many many years ago somewhere in a distant Arab land few Indian families met, bonded and partied like crazy. Their kids had fun too, at least the numerous photo albums and videos seem to suggest that. I was there, all of four, cute and cuddly, before parents decided to come back to homeland leaving me with very few memories but very many photos to look at and wonder where all the cuteness went. Last week one of the kids, no longer a kid, got married and that brought all families again at one place. It was a reunion of sorts for the parents, while the kids (no longer kids now) awkwardly smiled and tried to connect the faces in the photos to the people there. There is a video of me trying to drown this toddler in the baby pool, he is 6 feet now and has since forgiven me for that act mostly because he doesn’t remember. All parents did was discuss others, the money they made, the money they lost, their kids, how successful their kids were, how good looking their kids were..and that got me thinking. Is that how it will be very many years later? In fact we do that now, gossip and all but how will things be years later, will my kids(gulp) be friends with my friends' kids? Will I even be in touch with my now friends? Even with million ways to communicate, distances no longer being a barrier, I find myself not talking to my friend who lives in the next lane for days. Or will there be no 'catching up' because you were constantly in touch made easy through techonology and such like? Either ways I am actually looking forward to that meeting years later. I hope I dont lose too much money. I don't want to be the one everybody talks about.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Mangalyam tantunanena...

Internet was down for nearly 36 hours and I survived the major catastrophe. Okay, so I did sneak out and check my mail in a shady cyber cafe but that was only for 5 min so it doesn't count. Anyway all shopping has been done and I am all set to attend weddings on 4th and 7th one in mysore and the other in mangalore. I am going to dazzle in new clothes, new shoes and new contact lenses....tra la la...and I work only 3 days this tra tra! :)