Tuesday, June 19, 2007

After 10 years.

This post is an agreement entered on 19th day of June 2007 at Bangalore by and between the owner of this blog and best friend/confidante of owner of the blog, stating that 10 years from today, come what may (husbands, kids, pets, neighbour's pets or any other excuses 35 year olds may come up with) both parties will together embark on a historic trip to China irrespective of which part of the world they are in, irrespective of what life would have done to them in those 10 years. Both parties agree not to include any third party(husbands, kids, pets, neighbour's pets) in the trip. Both parties agree to equally contribute in the planning of the trip (Tickets, stay, what to wear etc). In an unlikely even that the blog is closed down during the above stated period, the agreement still holds good since it has got nothing to do with the blog but with the blog owner.


sushma said...

Yes yes very true….and I being the other person, pledge to honour each and every word of this agreement in my full senses and seriousness(trying very hard to control my excitement and grin!) in this comment section today. :))))

sushma said...

u should have taken up law! this is such a perfect real stamp paper kinda agreement! :D

HP said...

Best Of luck...


GuNs said...

Oh, I hope you also remember another pact you had about stepping into the year 2008 with another good friend of yours. A good man (or a woman) always honours ALL commitments.


FlyingHigh said...

Sush..hehe yeah u better not think of breaking the deal..this is as good as a real stamp paper agreement. :D

HP, thanks :)

Guns, yes yes remember :D


indicaspecies said...

Haha..I hope all your dreams come true! I love dreamers.
Right now, am in a mood for a poetry on dreaming. If I do write it, it shall be on my blog shortly.:)