Friday, June 08, 2007

Save the environment

Few days back I swore not to be so self-obsessed and decided to at least make an attempt to care. Needless to say my blog which primarily focuses on me, had to be neglected. Also two months back, I stopped traveling by autorikshaws. There just wasn't anything to write about.
I genuinely am concerned about the environment so this is not just an attempt to keep the blog alive. Read on.

June 5th being environment day, a lot is being written and discussed about the saving the environment. I just intend to add to the list of dos and don'ts, something that will make a difference and will go a long way in saving the environment. My humble suggestion :

Please don't burn effigies. I am not judging you. I realize you are sensitive and are appalled when you see/hear about the shameful happenings that occur everyday. Like when a certain person is hugged by a foreign national. Or when someone paints your God and is crazy enough to display it. Or when a certain somebody refuses to sing the national anthem. Such atrocities! I sympathize with you and I realize the responsibility that you have taken upon yourself, to set things right in this insane world, to preach us about our culture and tradition. Enormous task it is indeed! My only request is, please don't burn effigies. See, when you do so, you are helping destroy this already fragile earth. Every time you feel the need to burn some one's effigy which is almost everyday, plant a tree. Name the tree after the person who has angered you. The plant will be a living testimony of the heinous crime for years to come instead of mere ash/smoke that your burning would otherwise cause. Your grandchildren will be proud of you. And maybe someday some celebrity will marry the tree and you will be famous again. Thank you. Peace.


Balaji said...

sorry about that! if its any consolation, that guy visits my blog every few hours to post such comments!

FlyingHigh said...

Balaji, not your fault...comments will be moderated for a while now!