Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Thanks to the super-duper twenty20 finals, the hits to this blog have increased 10 fold mainly due to people who come looking for shirtless pics of the captain. Not that my blog has them but remember this? (Tip: Use image search, isay)

But what a match it was! Yes yes we all cheered and we'll talk about this for very many years but enough with the awards and cash prizes already. Not fair that I slog for 3 years, all I get is satisfaction while they win one tourney and make millions overnight. Coincidentally, tomorrow I get awarded (not in cash) for my work and all, satisfaction doubles. If only satisfaction could buy that Europe tour for me!


HP said...

hehe...Loved the title!!

And Congrats on the satisfaction!! Its a rare thing...Enjoy it!!


Balaji said...

congrats! I wish my work would send me to Turkey!

FlyingHigh said...

HP, :D

Thanks you dont write much these days?

Balaji, Hehe yeah I was lucky there, twice


HP said...

Yeah...Its been quite a while!!

Hope to start posting soon :-)