Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For you to come back

Living in the US creates an illusion of affluence. Life seems easier, money is good (especially when you convert to Rupees, heh) and it feels like there is always time to do things you want to. Even with the current economy and depression, people seem..whats that word-happy. I can see why people want to be here, it is this illusion that keeps everyone going. Back home in India, there is no escaping the troubles. They are constantly staring at you, it takes a humougous effort to look away and to be detatched.

Maybe I've got it all wrong, I haven't been here long after all. My friend tells me that I'm confusing living alone to living in the US. That my observations aren't accurate, reason why I like it here is because I'm on my own, there is no answering to anyone. I don't think so, I've lived alone before, in India it isn't the same. I've never been this busy in life and I've never enjoyed being this busy. As if I hadn't had enough to do, I've signed up for Kick boxing classes! I know this will all end soon and I'll have to go back to the life (which btw wasn't as bad as I make it sound). I hope I take back with me this enthusiasm and this energy. I hope I don't let the petty issues bog me down, maybe one need not be detached, maybe there is some middle ground one needs to find?

When I asked my eleven year old cousin brother what he wanted from America, his reply was 'For you to come back'. Sigh! While life here is good I must not forget things and people important to me. Will call him this weekend, I'm sure he wouldn't mind something other than just my coming back.


Balaji said...

come on, life in Bangalore is nice too. except things are expensive here!

besides living with roommates does give an extra degree of freedom.

FlyingHigh said...

Oh yeah Blore is nice. Somehow people..or maybe just me, I get caught up in all the unimportant trivial problems of life. But like I said, here it is an illusion, at least what we have back home is real.. Even with all the problems theres always someone or something to hold on to. Bah I'm rambling.

Peter Thomas said...

Aww, your cousin wanting for you to come back, that is so cute :)

Kick boxing you say !? OMG that sounds totally badass. What next Ms. FlyingHigh, what next !

Yeah I can't put my finger on it either, the "alternate reality" feel you get over here, the differences in the work culture, etc. I do believe things are gradually changing for the better back home. Maybe it's just me, but I get the feeling that people are learning to lighten up and enjoy life a little more.

confused said...

I can identify with your feeling completely :)
kick boxing!!!!! that sounds great...u r gng places girl!!!!

raven said...

'For you to come back' from a nephew is what brings us all back to whr we belong..:)

PS: i am still insisting on sharing some snaps of the chops!!

FlyingHigh said...

Peter, hmm yes people are lightening up. Maybe I should too.

What next? Umm I don't know, will be good if I can keep this up and get good at it. Also depends on how busy I am at work. :P

Confused, thanks, ah its nothing. I'm not going anywhere, trying something your blog title says :)

raven, nephew alla cousin :P. He was buttering me actually, kids these days! Pics/videos will not be made public, sorry, if you were looking for entertainment, go look in youtube instead, many funny videos out there. :P

realistic dreamer said...

yes yes for u to come back for me too.. i wouldnt mind a bag( u know what) n some choclates though :P

Oracle said...

Somehow...US is the life you dream of...

but the little imperfections back home have their own charm.,,

maybe I am too much of a romantic!

FlyingHigh said...

Oracle, After all there's no place like home :)