Sunday, December 11, 2011

From Paris to Pondicherry

Wedding in June means Honeymooning in July. Paris beautiful Paris! A city by design that is charming. Sipping coffee and watching the world go by. Drinking wine by the river Seine. Singing along with other Parisians. Drinking champagne in Champagne!

August is when we turn old. A Cousin's wedding, a quick visit to Srirangam temple and the Brihadeshwara temple in Tanjore. Our combined birthday celebrations in Redhills. Breathtaking views of the hills, tea gardens and the emerald lake. A mischievous dog for company who doubles up as a shoe thief. People so warm in contrast to the cold weather. Good food and good times.

September was a quiet month. A sad month. Unexpected trips to Chennai.

October dictated that a long pending trip be taken off the list - Hampi. Enchanting and mysterious Hampi. Hiring a moped to discover a lost empire. Falling asleep by the banks of Tungabhadra where Purandaradasa once drew inspiration from. Mirchi bajji, girmit and hot chai - hot food in hot hot Hampi.

Come November, a friend's wedding and a weekend in Pondicherry. Moonlit beach, should I say anything more?

December is here. Where are we to go?

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confused said...

quite a happening year!!!!...WHAT ABT PREVIOS TWO MONTHS?