Monday, December 26, 2011

Sands of time..

I was born in a desert and my family is from the coast so I'd like to believe I have some connection with both the desert and the ocean. Watching the sun set in the sand dunes of Rajasthan I began to wonder which of the two I liked better. I've always loved the ocean, its beaches and the calming sound of the waves but the wide expanse of the golden sand was therapeutic as well. Both the desert and the ocean tell stories of survival. Both have stood the tests of time. Vast and endless...both can be unforgiving. However I think there is an element of sadness attached to the desert,the barrenness can be depressing while the water shows some hope. For this reason alone I pick the ocean, it is a pity though that I have to live far away from both in this concrete jungle!


confused said...

oye, when did u visit rajsthan?

FlyingHigh said...

In December :)