Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Am alive!

Blog turns one and I leave it unattended and neglected. I have been busy and loving it. Wish I could blog more often, that reminds me blogspot blocked again? I had to use or is it just a technical glitch? Not sure, anyway my favorite month is here, festivals, independence day and birthdays...Don't you just love August? I will be back, lots to write, tags to do....also both blog and me have been doing some soul searching in the little free time we had, will write about that soon. Time to go to office....more work! :)


GuNs said...

Not only that...
The Ganpati Festival, then Diwali, Christmas !!!

Used to have a ball of a time post September in school. With work, it sucks though !!


Someone said...

Good to know u r loving ur work. Just if I could say so :D. Waiting for the 'soul searching' post