Sunday, August 06, 2006

Letting go....

Long back I wrote this . Today my mom went to an astrologer and she asked something for me. He said it will never happen. I am heart broken though I try to convince myself he cant possibly be correct, he is human after all that he cant tell my future. My dream is gone, there is no mystery. I am never ever going to any astrologer ever. Idiots. That's what they are. Nobody is telling me what I can do and what I cant.

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GuNs said...

No they can't.
If astrologers were right, we would be able to predict all the floods, the militant attacks, the robberies, the corruption....we would be living in Utopia.

Dash, is there ANYTHING in the world that can predict future? Even remote sensing satellites worth millions of dollars are useless in the wrath of mother Nature. Its useless to even ATTEMPT to predict the future.

As I said yesterday, theres a lot of hope about finding what you are looking for or atleast a worthy )or better) replacement within the current limitations.

It's a magical world, Hobbes ol' buddy!" "Lets go exploring!"