Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kemmanagundi Day 2.

Plan for day 2 was to go to 'Hebbe Falls'. They took us in jeeps on a 10km bumpy ride. Kemmanagundi literally means ditch with red soil. By the time we reached we were completely red. From there we set out on another 2 km downhill trek through a coffee estate and crossed three small water bodies to reach the falls. The sight was splendid! I hadn't planned to get in the water but it was very inviting and got fully drenched in the ice cold water. Back the same route in same jeep this time wet and tired, it was time to leave. What I fail to describe here is the awesome fun that we had every single moment. I guess its not just the place you see and the things you do that matter but the company that really makes the difference. And maybe because it had been so long since I had had such unbridled fun this trip will be remembered for a long time to come.


realistic dreamer said...

what r u trying to do in the pic?... give up and go back? :P

raven said...

i still cant believe u went for an adventure trip!!kudos!!

FlyingHigh said...

rd, I was taking a moment to appreciate the beauty. :P

raven, hehe...well in my youth I used to be pretty adventurous :P

Rinchen said...

Aww... poor pup, all curled up. Didnt it remind you of your own pet and how lucky he is? :)

What do you mean "in your youth"!?! You're bringing me down along with you, I hope you know :P

Nice trip, huh? I am so J.

FlyingHigh said...

ringchen, he is cute isn't he? it did remind me of my lucky dog. But then his brothers were happily roaming and playing...they are happy animals, these dogs.

Haha..I sometimes need to be reminded that I am still young (which also means you are). :P

Rinchen said...

Which also means I am. Amen to that :)

I am happy again.