Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Do we need to redraw the map?

Its not like we didn't have enough problems, we are fighting over the border now. If you ask me leave those cities alone. It is obvious that if cities border two states it will have influences from both the states. You cant draw clear cut borders. One city in question other than Belgaum is Karwar. The place where my parents grew up. And they are mighty happy with Karwar being in Karnataka. So if tomorrow it belongs to Maharashtra, will I be a Maharashtrian? Umm I don't think so. Anyways there are other people protesting which if nothing has given us a holiday today. With nothing to watch on TV (They blocked all channels except Kannada channels) and no where to go I use this time to give myself a much needed pedicure and catch up on some reading. Will post some pics of Karwar from my visit last week soon.


truman said...

hope your day went fine!

Shradha said...

Truman, yes I quite enjoyed it :). Hope you had a good time too :)

Balaji said...

I agree that such haggling over cities is anachronistic and serves no purpose except petty politics. But I won't complain if Karnataka makes Belgaum as its capital. It wud help spread development across North Karnataka. Besides B'lore is stretched anyway and it would help if govt moves out. In the same vein, Maharashtra making Nagpur as its capital wud help Mumbai besides taking the sting out of the Vidharba movement.


HP said...


Why is there a problem with karwar anyways? I am from South Karnataka too but brought up in Mumbai..So forgive my ignorance..

btw, I find Karwar a very beautfiul do post the pics soon ..