Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I have to stay up till 12 to wish my friend a happy birthday. Staying up is not the problem I am half way through reading Eragon. Quarter way, now that I notice the book mark is no where in the middle of the book but rather in the middle of the first half. The book will keep me company is what I mean to say. The problem is that, this friend in question recently moved to bangalore and I failed to make a proper note of her number. I have my friend's number and her dad's number stored and I don't know which one's her number.Don't ask me why, such things happen when you out of laziness don't follow proper naming conventions while storing numbers. Now, do I take a chance and call up either one of the numbers and hope its her, running the risk of waking up her dad? Or, do I not call her now, get back to the book and try the numbers tomorrow? Which means I still wish her on her birthday but break the tradition of being the first one to call her every single year. Such tough decisions. So less time. What do I do?

Note to myself : Stop asking questions on this blog, rhetorical or otherwise.


Harsha said...

Hope everything worked out :)

Eragon is an awesome book. Check out the second book, Eldest, its even better. The last one is yet to come :)

GuNs said...

So what did you finally do??


Shradha said...

Harsha, Yeah yeah..everyones been telling me that. Movie is coming up in december? Thats what I heard. Thanks for dropping by :)

Guns, I called her. Didn't want to break the tradition. Turned out to be her number but guess what? she was sleeping and didn't realise what I was saying before I banged the phone. :(