Sunday, October 29, 2006

New feature request for mobile phones, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, are you listening?

You know what is the one important feature that all mobile phones lack? A mirror. Yes, how I wish I could check myself out looking at the screen, check if my hair is not all over the place or that my eyemakeup is not smudged, while pretending to be playing a game. Why didn't anyone think of this before? Because frankly, carrying mirrors or compacts is so 1980s. And even a person like me needs to make sure everythings alright. Taking a picture of yourself and then seeing the picture is too much of a hassle. And not everyone can afford a Nokia N92 which has a stainless steel body. No No. We need it as a feature in our phones. Press 4 for mirror. Oh, and you know what else they could do? Everytime you press 4, play a recorded message that would say 'You are the fairest of them all'. Hehehe. Nokia and Sony Ericsson please make note. Wibree can wait. We need mirrors.


GuNs said...

Tathaastu !
I predict that someone or the other WILL read your blog entry within the next few years and will send a request to the phone manufacturers. Maybe you will be too old then but you dont do everything for yourself, do you? Remember that old man who planted mango saplings so that the kids can get mangoes when they grow up?? I am proud of you for doing something similar.

Alternatively though...cant you copy paste this thing into the SUGGESTIONS section on the phone manufacturers' websites?


johnny boy said...

Hiii.. Hmm seems to be a very thought provoking addition to mobile phones! Am surprised it dint strike any of us earlier! Cool, it wud be really handy for girls in particular, n boys occasionally ;) hehe..
But probably there might be some technical reasons da. Cos i cant see how it cud have slipped the mobile designers thinking. There wud be ppl (men n women) paid like hell just to think abt these innovations at NOKIA etc...
I was jus thinkin, hey ur option of pressing a button and mirror appearing seems very tuf. Cos if the mirror was to appear on ur screen, then it has to be a front camera. Right? And thats already available on some phones. But if your mobile screen was to reflect such that your face wud be visible on it without usin a camera, guess it wud be really tuf. Cos the screen wud be so delicate and also, your other diaplay items like menu etc wud not be visible, cos it'll reflect everythin :-)

Another option wud be havin a small mirror at the back or something. But then what wud happen is, it wud get broken cos its glass! U drop the phone (which is like super common), and ur mirror will be in pieces..
Mirror material on phones -> will tend to increase the radiations cos they are opaque? Cud be a techie reason. Donno, not too sure. Cos anything that reflects/retains the radiations cud be harmful to us...
Jus some thoughts that i poured out. Might be correct, or most probably wrong.. lol..

HP_lifelive said...

Interesting and amusing idea :-)

Maybe the manufacturers will take note of this..


Balaji said...

hmm...on a roll, huh? nice read.

i can vouch for the usefulness of a mirror. I take a bus to work in Beverly Hills. as you would expect the girls here take their looks pretty seriously. everytime I board a bus there is atleast one girl working hard on her looks with a mirror and the other paraphernalia. a mirror on the pink Razr would be god send for them. btw they also use the mirror to ogle at men!

indeed there are some features which make you feel stupid not having had before! like the web cam which comes inlaid on the mac monitors or a music player which gets charged from the usb port.


Shradha said...

Guns, Yes one day they will reach my blog and I will be rich and famous. And then they will name their next model after me!! hehe!

John, hey how have u been? Back to blogging eh? Let me hop over there.

Balaji, yes yes I blog more often now. You haven't on the other hand. Go write something! :)