Thursday, October 26, 2006

To switch or not to switch

No replies on the post about Blogger beta. Do I switch? Do I not? Because, I am looking forward to the 'lables' or 'tags' feature and I always wondered why Blogger never had it. But then again most of my posts fall under 4 categories.
1. Autos, I am obsessed with the 3 wheeler.
2. Crap.
3. Personal.
4. Personal crap.

Hmmmm. May be I don't need that feature.


phatichar said...

Hmmm..just keep trying I guess. Writing about autos isn't a bad thing, and so is personal crap. It all depends on how one perceives it, huh? Keep writing here, girl.. :)

GuNs said...

Go phaar eet !
Blogger beta allows comments now ! Yay. Everything looks smooth.


P.S.: Tell me how it works [:-P]

Shradha said...

Phatichar, Hey thanks, I am going to blog alright but was wondering how useful the labels 'feature' would be for me. I switched today, looks good so far :)

Guns, Thumbs up. No problems so far. You can switch too :)

HP_lifelive said...

Its pretty good, I guess but heard that it messes up the archives listing and all..Not sure though..

I was not allowed to shift coz I had some group blogs running..

Best Of Luck for the shift


Shradha said...

HP, Hey I switched, it seems ok so far. And the archiving is cool, it has a tree structure now. Lets see if I encounter any problems in the future!

Truman said...

Since you have already switched this may be of less consequence, but I still suggest that you read this.