Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Benga ...what?

No matter how many boards they change, how many bills they pass, I will always belong to BANGALORE.


Pradeep said...

There's nothing wrong in changing names. The two questions are: is there any need for it. And, aren't there many other issuess that need the same amount of attention if not more.

The answer to the first is NO, and the second is YES.

If someone thought, name change will make Bangalore a better place to live in.... well... my only wish is: let that person be blessed with some "real intellect".

Shradha said...

Pradeep, Yes I agree. There is absolutely no need besides its a waste of time and money. I am attached to the name Bangalore. Bangalore is where I grew up in. Thats what I meant, they can change those boards but people are still going to call it Bangalore. How would those people like it if I told them to change their names to something else? And have you heard people on the news pronouce bengaluru? I cringe everytime they do that.

Thanks for dropping by btw :)