Monday, November 13, 2006

Reunion, class of 98

The friend finally got married. And thanks to orkut, people I thought I'd never see again turned up. Much has changed since then. Some are married. Some with kids, some expecting. The guy I had a crush on in school is engaged to someone who seems insanely popular. She is very pretty if I may say so. The pesky kid whose rendition of a Kannada song has us in splits is now singer cum guitarist cum artist and is also doing very well at his job. Going by his profile he seems to have gotten hunk status now with girls going ga-ga over him. One, in our group of five turned distant and aloof and made it a point not to keep in touch. Rumours were all we heard about her. I didn't think she would turn up. She did, bright and smiling. But no one dared ask her questions about her disappearance. And then there were people who I have no memories of but who seemed to remember me. Numbers were exchanged. Plans were made. Most of them will only be numbers in my phone book and members in my 'friends list' until we meet again for another wedding.


GuNs said...

Oh wow...

That seems like a fantasy, doesnt it? Suddenly meeting people whom you've always remembered by havent been able to get in touch with. All without taking the effort of calling up tons of people and referring numbers or others etc. etc.

A school gettogether is what we arranged in 2003 and we got in touch with so many people who were long lost after finishing school. IT was very nice and now we have a yahoo group where we all interact and keep in touch.

We havent been able to have another gettogether and now with people in different countries altogether, it seems even more bleak but yes...someday we will do it again.

You...keep having fun ! Marriages aren't AS bad as I used to think !


GuNs said...

Whoa whoa whoa !!
Forgot this part !

I'm from the batch of '98 too ! LOL, you know what I am getting to, right?


Shradha said...

Guns, It was a lot of fun. Especially when we asked the hunk to sing the same song again. hehe!

And I passed out in 98.

Anonymous said...

sigh dear..ur crush is somebody else's rite now :( but dont u worry iam with u he is not worth it ..his fiancee poor girl has noo idea, god save her :(

Shradha said...

Anon, oh come on he is not that bad. They make a good couple! Dammit! Its hard to be happy for your ex/crush. :(