Friday, July 04, 2008

One, Two, Threeeeeeee

Blog turns 3 and I feel like I am 103! Reading few of my older posts I ask myself, when did I stop being funny?

This old age I tell you.

2nd year birthday post
1st year birthday post
0th year birthday post


raven said...

Happpppeee birthday!!!!

~RAUL~ said...

old age or lack of motivation to write ?

Its certainly the latter one for me...btw, I did not realize that I too completed 4 years in june !!!

Balaji said...

>> when did I stop being funny?

i guess its pretty hard to better 'lift man' etc!

FlyingHigh said...

raven, blog says thank you :)

raul, I write, I just don't write funny anymore :(

balaji, I guess..

Rinchen said...

Hapy baday, you lucky blog!

I dont know my blog's b'day myself. I look like an insensitive blog owner next to you :D

FlyingHigh said...

rinchen, Tch Tch, bad bad blog owner. :P