Saturday, March 29, 2008

Team Lunch

Organizing lunch for a group of 30 is a stressful affair. There are people opposing the location, cuisine, the seating, the lighting and just about everything. But then they (the hungry ravenous souls ) eat like theres no tomorrow. Stress apart, I now have to explain the exceeded budget to the PTBs on Monday. Bah!


Rinchen said...

Once again, I just adore your witty labels. "Random bitching" Hehehe.

realistic dreamer said...

be thankful u werent cooking for them! :P..

Lokesh said...

Thanks for sharing the fun :P Going to the luncheon such a story of our lives ..My best guess this form of arrangement is very much overrated! Just because we are all forced to spend our precious team-lunch together doesn’t give one the right to open their extra large mouth and vomit all their crazy @#$ stories onto the table.. I had tad similar tale to weave with a gang of 23 ppl.... but more on that in my next long mail to you :P :D I hope u kept your chin up when picked for an explanation :)))

FlyingHigh said...

rinchen, hehe...yeah so many times my labels are better than the posts.

rd, like I ever would!!

lokesh, stories at the table haha, I was the senior most here but I kept my stories to myself, those boys were busy eating, I don't think they'd listen if I did try :D